Mini Hand Towel

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  • Microfiber towel:   The microfiber is a blend of two fabrics: 20% Polyamide and 80% Polyester.  The fiber ends are split microscopically into extremely fine strands that are many times finer than a human hair.  There are many thousands of these strands per square inch.  This gives you a much larger cleaning surface than traditional cleaning clothes.  They have a grabbing feeling when you run your finger tips across them.  This explains why they are so effective at picking up dust and other residues.  They are very durable and machine washable allowing you to reuse them many times.
  • Multipurpose: 
    •  Automotive – Excellent for auto washing, drying and polishing.  These premium microfiber towels can fulfill your vehicle’s interior and exterior cleaning needs
    • Household:  These unique microfiber clothes can magically lifts dust, dirt and grease away from your cleaning surface without leaving lint, streak marks
    • Cleaning company or janitors:  premium microfiber work great with water only.  They can help you eliminate using Windex or other cleanser.  A real eco-friendly product.
    • Sport accessory: Forget about the expensive golf or bowling towel.  Use our lowest price yet best quality microfiber towel to save BIG BUCKS
  • Applications:
    • Use it dry like a super dust magnet to clean your house, car and boat or absorb water like a chamois
    • Use it damp to shine mirror, glass, bowling or polish chrome without any chemical lube
    • Use it wetto scrub kitchen sink, ovan, bath tub etc.
  •  Care:
    • Machine washes in warm water.  Tumble dry in low heat
    • Do not use bleach or fabric softener.  Do not iron


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