Soft Gucci Styled Throw Blanket 100% Fleece

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Sleep soundly in ultimate comfort all through the night in our cozy premium 100% fleece flannel throw blanket. Warm and fuzzy, these velvety-soft sheets expertly woven in the finest cotton allowing you to relax into their cool comfort.

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Stay clean: No need to dry clean the comforter, simply remove the duvet cover, and clean with regular laundry.
Comfortable: No need to sleep with a top bed sheet (Flat Sheet) as the comforter itself stays clean. The result is a super cozy sleep.
Efficient: No need to remove the comforter in the morning, just straighten it out, as its part of the bedding.
Hypoallergenic, good for allergy suffer: Easier cleaning means dusts and dirt don’t find themselves comfortable on the bedding = Better for allergy suffers.
Style Décor: You can always update you room for a new look, and match new style beddings.


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