Luminex beddings and interiors is a value driven company with a passion for comfort at home. Every product we make and sell is our idea of creating a comfy ambiance of colorful soft interiors in your living space. For the best interior decoration in Abuja, Luminex beddings and interiors is the place to be.

We are a production, sales and marketing company dedicated to supplying quality, tested and trusted home interiors. Each brand we represent has been carefully selected to meet the trending everyday needs.

Located in the federal capital territory of Nigeria “Abuja” with diverse classes of people, we have something for everyone irrespective of budget. As one of the leading bedding companies in the city, we take immense pride in making and selling the best premium bed linen, duvets, pillow cases, duvet cover, decorative pillows, towels and many more.

All of our products have been carefully designed and crafted by experienced hands in the industry and their expertise allows us to offer the best sleep solution to each and every one of our highly valued customers.

As we grow, we look to partner with companies that will complement our vision.

Our areas of expertise are:

Production of soft interiors which include; bed sheets, quilts, pillows, pillow cases etc.

Sourcing, Packaging and Supply of luxurious, comfortable and high-quality soft home interiors which measures up to international standards. For example; towels, bathrobe, blankets, bathroom slippers etc.

Online marketing, sales and delivery of products.

Creative is important but the customers satisfaction, usage, comfort-ability and experience is what really matters to us. Whilst we apply detailed precision and focus to design, we equally consider content and apply strategic thinking in order to maximize your return.

Our products can be found in some designated super retail shops in Abuja such as Next Cash and Carry Port Harcourt and Abuja, Cherries Hyper Market Abuja, Jetrho Supermarket Abuja, Sahad Stores Abuja and Market Square Stores Nationwide amongst others. Luminex is the place to be. Contact us today for the best interior decoration Abuja.